Real Bread Week 2019

Real Bread WeekToday sees the start of Real Bread Week. Real bread isn’t that bread found in plastic bags in the supermarket. Real Bread has nothing to hide. It is made with simple ingredients – only flour, water, yeast and salt. It’s made without any artificial additives. Simple, eh? Amongst the additives not used in Real Bread making are: baking powder and other chemical leavening; ascorbic acid; xanthan gum; any so-called ‘processing aids’ or other additives in some flour or mixes.

In fact, those in the Real Bread Campaign believe this should be a key criterion in the legal definition of bread full stop. Why should additive-free bakers have to qualify their bread with ‘real’, ‘artisan’, ‘craft’ and the like? Leave it to the industrial loaf fabricators to come up with a new name for their products…

Is Real Bread the same as craft, artisan, fresh, organic? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The small local baker chooses what goes into the bread baked. You can ask.