Oranges direct from the grower

orangesOver on our Go Local Food Facebook page, a while back we asked the question should we buy oranges direct from the grower.

The answer to the question – “should we buy a box?” was… yes! So we ordered one box as a trial. That gave us 10kg of Navel oranges. As they were due to arrive on the Wednesday before members collected their crop shares this fitted very nicely with our system. Non crop share members were also invited to purchase some by dropping in at the Go Local Food fields during the weekend.

Take a look at the Crowdfarming page to find out more
Whilst scooting around the site and placing our order we also got very excited by the prospect of adopting a tree and receiving all the produce from our adopted tree or sheep or a paddy field… how about olive oil, almonds, rice, coffee etc direct from the farmer?