It’s nearly outdoor growing season 2019

Storm Freya wasn’t as windy as in other areas – just the environmesh blown around. Ian, our grower, is going to source some heavy duty chain to hold down the covers in the future to try and save the continuing battle of replacing wind blown covers that have the wild life access to our crops before we get to pick for crop shares.

Onion sets in trial bed

The rain that has accompanied Storm Freya and continued after she left has been most welcome. It has helped with the continuing digging of the hot compost no dig beds. Luckily this job is coming to the end for the season. Mispoona and green choi sum have been planted out in some of these beds this week. Two new crops to the system there – the green choi sum does go to seed very quickly in warm weather though so a cooler weather crop.

And finally this year’s compost heap has been closed off. It’s rotting down a treat in preparation for the summer crop of pumpkins.