The week’s work 21st March 2019

All change in the poly tunnels:

  • Out comes the choi sum that went to seed in the warmer weather (remember February?)
  • Replacing it with lettuce, mizuna, chard and spinach


Plugs ordered for later in the season crops should arrive this week and will be going into the heated greenhouse at Temperley to grow on before they come into the poly tunnels

  • Aubergines, cucumbers, peppers, chilli peppers and tomatoes
  • Ian our grower says that it’s a different type of chocolate cherry tomatoes this year as those last year were not very tasty

Hopefully the ground will be dry enough to get the plough onto the Palace field this week. The winter brassicas will be going there this year so it needs the full treatment for fertility. The hot compost no dig beds in the road field will be the growing area for summer crops. Well that’s the plan.

  • And next week Ian will be on his annual shepherding holidays so we shall only see him around in the afternoons till all the sheep have done their thing.