Outdoors week ending 30th March 2019

Onion sets in trial bedMuch work has taken place on the Palace field at Go Local Food. The tractor has done all the ploughing and the plans for the All Hands Saturday morning is to have people walking behind the tractor which will be doing further harrowing. The walkers will be pulling up the roots that will appear – dock, comfrey and such – to put in wheelbarrows and take to the burning compost heap. This will leave the field clear and ready for the planting of winter crops.

Membrane was laid on Friday on beds in preparation for planting more broad beans. We also have onions to go in the no dig hot compost beds. So much to do now that it’s officially growing time.

Volunteer Chas has ensured that there are doors with all the necessary “furniture” such as handles on Bill’s poly tunnel. He is now working on skirting and guttering. Soon this will be a working area again although nothing like the dome that some of us remember.