Work this week at Go Local

rainRain is good. The ground is soaking up the rain and becoming properly wet. Good news for growers.

More onion sets have been planted outside between the outbreaks of rain. Potting on of peppers, aubergines and tomatoes continue. These have been bought in as plugs to bring on so that the poly tunnels can be full of summer crops sooner.

SeedlingsSeeds are being sown – including kale, spinach, parsley, two type of savory, beetroot. And red basil pricked out into pots.


spring lambs


Ian, our grower, is mostly away being a shepherd. This is his holiday time of the year you know – he goes off to help others with their lambing. So far there have been no problems on this round but he was saying that last week’s call was interesting and required experience not written into the latest textbooks by the younger shepherds.