A week’s work on the fields – third week May 2019

potatoesA morning’s work with a potato planting machine saw 12 rows of early potatoes planted on Wednesday. Grower Ian was the driver and work share Duncan the man standing on the rear platform. A good work session there. Another work session on Friday with Ian and Duncan should see the main crop potatoes planted up as well. Adjustments will have to be made to the planter for the size of the main crop seed potatoes.

field voleThe last of the old cold compost heap has been spread on the planned squash bed. This disturbed a multitude of short tailed voles and long tailed mice as the compost was moved – wild life everywhere in fact. Doubtless they will become the latest foragers in the poly tunnels and planted up crop share beds. The next job there is putting down membrane on the composted patch so that the squash can be planted through it like last year. The new hot composting system is working fast and grower Ian thinks that it will soon be time to turn the first bay.

Membrane has to go down on the brassica beds and the anti pigeon frames rebuilt. All the pigeons have been down on the Prudhoe allotments decimating brassicas left uncovered recently but the message will soon get out that Go Local Food is the next cafe stop for meals – soon as they check in on Facebook to see that brassicas are being planted out.

parsnips and carrotsCarrots have been sown with radish on either side of the rows. The radish being a quick cash and soon picked crop will allow for hoeing between the carrot rows to let the air in as the carrots grow. Three rows of parsnip have been sown and another two will hopefully be added. The last of the onions have been planted – rather late but planted. Beetroot is planted out and the first peas are ready to go into the hot compost beds.