broad beansOnce upon a time this blog was the main website for Go Local Food. When we were setting up as a group we didn’t invest in all the extra things as we wanted to invest what funds we had in getting the growing area going, building our core group of crop share customers and getting to know our local community. Nowadays there are many other ways to keep up with us.

Go Local Food now has it’s own website here

  • This site allows you to join us as a member or join us as a crop share or go on the waiting list to be a work share.

Go Local Food has it’s own Facebook account here

  • This is where many of the activities, daily goings on and items we want to comment on are posted.

Go Local Food has it’s own Twitter account here

  • If Twitter is your thing you will find many of our activities and things we want to comment on there.

Feel free to join us on any of these other accounts where life is maybe a little more fast moving and where we can post a wider variety of media.