Field work mid May 2019

cabbagesIt was supposed to rain last Tuesday. So Go Local Food set to and planted lots of brassicas out on the fields. Guess what? It didn’t rain! So – lots of watering is needed. Words need to be had with the weather forecaster.

Next day Wednesday was sun burn weather – the sun was out but the wind took the heat off. Not a good combination for planting out or for the work shares who needed protection on head and arms.

Herbs such as parsley, chervil and coriander are being pricked out. These will go in the shade in Bill’s tunnel – the one which was erected earlier this season (where the dome used to be for those with long memories).

Plum tomatoesTomatoes are planned to be in both the small poly tunnels with two tomatoes per large tub. Now Ian our grower is mulling over whether he should cut back the leading vine of each large fruiting tomato plant (not worth it on the cherry tomatoes) and pick from the side shoots so that there is a larger crop from what he thinks will be a smaller space than in recent years. This thinking follows a happening from last season. One of the work shares planted tomatoes in tubs thinking they were peppers. Too late the mistake was realised and much cutting back took place. The side shoots were highly productive but it was too late in the season and in October there was a glut of green tomatoes.

With the warm weather of course it is busy work keeping up with the watering.