Wild life on the fields

The wood pigeons are getting clever. Though the covers over crops have stayed in place despite the high winds, the pigeons have worked out how to spot where the wind has lifted the edges and walk in to have a sneaky peck at the brassica edges.

wrenWe seem to have a goodly crowd of wrens on the fields. They have been appearing from insect hunts in the long grass as Ian the grower has walked around and fluttered next to him to survey him. As they are such small birds, Ian has noted that their wings have really been working double and treble time. But they are welcome to hunt insects that we don’t need to attack our crops.


Fred the rodent operative (OK he’s the cat you may see) from the Halls of Heddon glass houses and growing areas is still patrolling the area so he must find food.

Bridget opened her second new hive (the one created after the recent swarm) to see how the brood was doing. Things seem not to have calmed down as there is no sign of a new queen yet.