The new composting bays

working composting areaDespite the official opening of the compost bays only happening last Saturday, the first bay is full and will soon have to be turned into the finished bay.

The second bay is nearly full and will probably have to be closed this weekend.

So that means that the third bay will be started next week.

Ian the grower is hopeful that there will be usable compost within the next two to four weeks that he can use around the growing site. This is where the system of having hot compost no dig beds will come into its own.

Compost sieveHowever there is just one job that needs to be done before Go Local Food starts to make use of the home produced hot compost.  The home-made sieve created from various spare materials around the Go Local Food site which is used to riddle and grade our onsite home made compost will have to be strengthened.