It wasn’t quite mending fishing nets

netting protectionA second netting tunnel was required to cover more purple sprouting to keep off the predators (pigeons, rabbits, others as spotted) but  the question was – what netting? Most of it was in use already.

Hah – said Ian the grower. We’ll use the old strawberry nets. That turned out to be a bad idea as when the nets were laid out there were so many holes that it was a darning job. Have you ever seen fishermen mending their nets? Pretty much the same principle here except that Ian had learned his trade on hay nets using fishermen’s knots and bailer twine in a previous job.

Anyway – mending was duly done, boards collected to go around the bottom of the nets and a massive planting session ensued. The rain had made the soil more like soil and less like concrete so it was a good day for planting.


The Partridge Family

early potatoesIan our grower was peacefully using the potato lifter to gather crop share contents for the week only to be properly scared when a well hidden covey of partridges flew up right next to him almost removing his hair.

Next morning he went into one of the poly tunnels first thing to water – necessary every day with the present hot weather – only to scare the same covey of partridges who had made themselves completely comfortable in the middle of the cooler crops. Ian made his way down the poly tunnel at some speed to open the door at the far end to allow the birds out.

Total chaos and quite a kerfuffle resulted. One partridge tried to exit through the polythene and stunned itself. Ian picked it up to see how badly damaged it was only to be greeted with flapping wings. So he put said bird down again and it sat there for some time before collecting its senses and exiting the poly tunnel through the nearest door.

Carrots and peas

row of peasWhat – not another rubbish headline in the national press creating panic with the consumers?

At least read the article as it quotes the growers who briefly state the problems that the summer has given them. Nice to have facts to explain the situation. Makes you realise how hard it is to buy local or even produced in the UK sometimes.…/peas-carrots-shortage-uk-heatwave-be…/

And it looks as if the weather is not a lot better over the channel in France, our near neighbours either and is causing just as many of the same problems.