A member’s crop share

Fi's crop shareSome time back member Fi wrote over on Twitter: Loved my shop at @GoLocalFood crop share collection today! A fresh loaf from Rise Bakery, fava beans grown locally by Gibside Community Farm and organically grown lemons direct from the farmer in Spain.

How to buy from independent suppliers and not from the “big boys” This is what Go Local Food is all about – local vegetables and local bread, just a shame we can’t grow lemons locally!


Crop Share and Field News (Week ending 23 June)


This week's crop shareThis week’s crop share: Potatoes, green onions, lettuce, broad beans, radish and cucumber.

While more leeks are being planted outside, there’s plenty going on in the polytunnels. The very first tomatoes have set fruit, the cucumber plants are all in and aubergines have been planted too! They’ve been inter-planted with beans  so as to make best use of the available growing space.

Photo of small auberine and dwarf bean plants

tiny tomatoes on plant

And there was a welcome visitor in the polytunnel too. There seem to be plenty of ladybirds around this year.









Crop Share and Field News (Week ending 16 June)

This week's crop shareThis week’s crop share will be
New potatoes, green onions, lettuce, baby broad beans, radish and cucumber.

We’re still in the Hungry Gap before the abundance of summer, but there are all the hopeful signs that this will soon be behind us. The first  courgettes have been planted in the polytunnels  and the tiny fruits are just appearing.  Beware though… turn your back on them for too long and they turn into giants!

Courgette plant with very small fruit growingOut on the field we continue to make sure we’ll be well fed during the winter, and the leeks are being planted using corn-starch membranes to keep the weeds down. Approximately 750 have been planted so far but there’s hundreds more to go!

Rows of newly planted leeks