Plastic free along the Wall

Hadrian's WallSouth Tyne Sustainability and Sustainable Brampton have embarked on a campaign and are looking for recruits at this end of Hadrian’s Wall.

‘Plastic free along the Wall’ is a project with the national refill campaign Find Water on the Go to get cafes and other places to sign up to refill water bottles and so reduce single use plastic.

Volunteers from Transition Tynedale will (hopefully) be tackling the Hexham area. The campaign now needs one or more volunteers to sign up businesses to the east of Hexham. There will probably be a supply of stickers and it’ll be a case of talking to shop/cafe/pub proprietors, handing out info and signing people up with a mobile phone app over the summer months. The plan is to generate publicity early in the summer and have the project done by the end of September.

Anyone able to get involved contact Sue Seymour

If we care about plastic waste, why won’t we stop drinking bottled water?

“We have all seen the damage plastic waste is doing around the world – but sales of bottled water have continued to grow”

Full and thoughtful article from the Guardian here

Remember the failed Coca-Cola trying to sell us tap water many years ago? It’s worth listening to the YouTube clip for the take down of bottled water in general and the comments from the firm’s water supplier about the higher standard of what comes out of the tap. Marketing over mind and purse in many cases.