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Why Amy Joined

Continuing our occasional series about why people joined Go Local and why it is important to them.

Amy joined GO Local Food about 4 years ago as a work share and since then has found herself involved in much else! She is currently a Director and our events coordinator, and is always on the lookout for help with events. Amy continues to enjoy just being on the fields too!.

Go Local Food Member Amy


Being a co-operative

When you say Co-operative many people in the UK think of the supermarket. But Go Local Food is a co-op too, run by its members for its members. Don’t think that the only co-op in the world is a major grocery store!

proud to be a co-operative

Crop Share and Field News (Week ending 23 June)


This week's crop shareThis week’s crop share: Potatoes, green onions, lettuce, broad beans, radish and cucumber.

While more leeks are being planted outside, there’s plenty going on in the polytunnels. The very first tomatoes have set fruit, the cucumber plants are all in and aubergines have been planted too! They’ve been inter-planted with beansĀ  so as to make best use of the available growing space.

Photo of small auberine and dwarf bean plants

tiny tomatoes on plant

And there was a welcome visitor in the polytunnel too. There seem to be plenty of ladybirds around this year.