Oranges direct from the grower

orangesOver on our Go Local Food Facebook page, a while back we asked the question should we buy oranges direct from the grower.

The answer to the question – “should we buy a box?” was… yes! So we ordered one box as a trial. That gave us 10kg of Navel oranges. As they were due to arrive on the Wednesday before members collected their crop shares this fitted very nicely with our system. Non crop share members were also invited to purchase some by dropping in at the Go Local Food fields during the weekend.

Take a look at the Crowdfarming page to find out more
Whilst scooting around the site and placing our order we also got very excited by the prospect of adopting a tree and receiving all the produce from our adopted tree or sheep or a paddy field… how about olive oil, almonds, rice, coffee etc direct from the farmer?

Local grown fava beans

fava beansAt the our members meeting this weekend, we talked fava beans – our neighbours at Gibside CSA are growing fava beans that are being sold by Hodmedod’s who are Britain’s leading pulse and grains pioneers. These beans are selling in either 500g packets or 25kg sacks.

We’ve agreed to test the popularity of these items and will be buying a number of 500g packets which members will be able to purchase at the Go Local Food field along with their crop shares or just alone if you wish.

Keep your eyes peeled for further information! Support local growers and British produce!

Membership scheme offer

Here’s our 2019 membership offer for new members – £26 membership for 15 months if you join now instead of just for 12 months. This allows you to join us on all our social events with one at a discount. And you may choose to join the crop share scheme as well when you get to know us better. join go local food

Christmas Bundle 2018

Last Year’s bundles were a huge success – this year your bundle could include all or some of the following – fantastic oven ready turkey grown on Hadrian’s Wall, Christmas or Sticky toffee pudding, Christmas veg (as you’d expect), locally produced honey, apple juice, red currant jelly. We know we are only just joining November but we just wanted you to know… and orders have to be with us by 7th December.  However, collection can happen very close to THE day – 23rd December.  Order forms are coming very soon. More details

Christmas Bundle 2018

What’s in the pipeline over next 6 months for members of GO Local Food?

Apple Press, Jam & Chutney Swap, Harvest Supper and Halloween Quiz, discount on purchases at Halls Nursery in Ovington, bonfire on the fields, Christmas Preserves Workshop, SUMA ordering, Christmas Bundle, Food Bingo, Marmalade Workshop, Willow Workshop… there’s always plenty going on.

So if you’d like to support our project – you can do so, NOW! by signing up for 6 months for only £13 – check out our website and email

Member Offer 2018 latest