A cold January

Long tailed titIt’s cold outside. The long tailed tits from the Go Local Food fields have been visiting the feeder table at the bungalow next to Halls of Heddon where our grower’s father lives. The table is properly stocked with food for the time of the year.

Outside on the fields at the moment it’s just maintenance work as the ground is too cold to work. The old gardener’s maxim of don’t dig the frost in applies. So hedge cutting can be done and dead heading of frozen weeds to go on the compost heap.The propagator is working in the now refurbished shed, Leeks and broad beans have been sown and plans are for lettuce and spinach to follow.

Green Ovingham Bird Watch

Long tailed tit2018 was the seventh year a number of local people have kept records of the birds seen in the Ovingham and Ovington area during the year. Certainly some of the observed birds have been seen over the Go Local Food fields over the years as well as in the other places that the observers have visited.

The numbers of observers have declined over the years but the group still managed to see over 70 species each year and this year’s record is attached.

The group leader says “I think all our observers have enjoyed participating and seeing what turns up each year – and what has disappeared or declined since the 1970s”

green ovingham bird summary 2018

Unfortunately it seems that the group will not be continuing to do its observations.

One December Afternoon

Long tailed titToday was a very pleasant December late morning and afternoon over the fields that tempted the Go Local Food grower Ian to spend time to take some of the left over weeds in hand.

He had the company of a flock of long tailed tits, at least six but possibly more. They must have found food  in the area  – they are gregarious, insect eating birds who like hedgerows and trees. Well we must have a lot to offer them on the fields then having hedges, trees and obviously insects.

It seems that the rabbits have been partying over the festive holidays too and doing their own thing (trying to eat our crops as usual).

A marvellous sunflower

Back in the summer the growing gang planted sunflower seeds. They had at least one big yellow sunflower that attracted insects. And someone managed to take a picture of activity on the sunflower. We like all ways to encourage beneficial wildlife on the fields at Go Local Food. sunflower with insects