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Growing Gang to welcome bugs!

bug palaceOur next event is Saturday 27th May 10 am -12 noon where we will be making some bug hotels!

We’ll learn all about the importance of bugs and insects and how they help control pests.  We are planning to help create little homes for them. Who will we have living in our hotels? hedgehogs? solitary bees? ladybirds? time will tell…

We will also be doing more planting, and seeing how our potatoes are coming along!

For any of our events, you don’t have to book, just come up to the Go Local Food Field at Ovington. All you need to bring with you is a grown up, your wellies or strong shoes, clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy and a warm coat/fleece in case it’s a bit cold.

Crop share for week ending 20th May 2017

Chard Leaves

Ian says: Potatoes, green onions, lettuce, Pak Choi, chard, spinach and radish

Do you have your ticket? Growers’ Question Time 2017

gardenerTuesday 23rd May, 7 – 9.30 pm, Ovington Social Club
Have you got a question about your garden, allotment, greenhouse, poly tunnel, plants, veg, flowers… ?
Challenge our panel of expert growers: Ian Todd, GO Local Food, Tom Martin, Wylam Nurseries, Kate Norris, Battlesteads Hotel, and chaired by Mark Lamb, Environmental Services, Newcastle City Council
Tickets £5 incl supper (soup & pud),  with drinks from the bar
email questions in advance to
Tickets from the field, or from the website via Paypal
You can find us:
Go Local Food, Halls of Heddon Nursery, Ovington, NE42 6EE

Ready or nearly ready

pattypan squashThe working poly tunnel is as usual, at this time of the year full of goodies being grown on for planting out.

There are pattypan squash, spaghetti squash, uchiki kuri squash (can never spell that, have to be told each time!) butternut squash, courgettes, marrows, Florence fennel, chicory, flat leaf parsley, radicchio, more pea shoots, summer savory, runner beans and two lots of borlotti beans. Jester pumpkins and Delistar cucumbers are in the propagator shed. There was also red basil which needed to be moved from propagator shed to the working poly tunnel. Many of the squashes could well be doing with being planted in the big outside world very soon but the hot and dry outside is not the place to be for some of them.

The cucumbers are causing some problems as those which are being bought in seem to be coming in with a virus. The second delivery is a case of fingers crossed that these are clear. It could be one of those seasons – though cucumbers are apt to find reasons to be unhappy at the best of times. Mind you the summer savoury in the working poly tunnel does not look too happy with itself either.

There were tomatoes and peppers looking healthy and which were due to be planted in the poly tunnels – a job which had to be done sooner rather than later.

The potatoes are showing

early potatoes

The early potatoes are showing growth so the quick trip to earth up against frost very late one Monday night was certainly worth the effort. So it’s onward with the planting of the second earlies on the other field.

top field

Three rows of Orla, two rows of Nadine and one row of Wilja are already planted on the top field. Plans were afoot on Friday to add another three rows of Charlotte and three rows of Carla to the rows planted.

Further up the field there are supports placed out for the climbing borlotti beans. There will be a row of dwarf French beans planted out next to those followed by fencing supports for climbing French beans, space for another row of dwarf beans and then final fencing supports for runner beans. Well that’s the plan, weather permitting and all that.