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Field work July 2017

tomatoesTime has been spent tying up tomatoes  and removing lower leaves where tomatoes have set to make watering easier. Now consider the number of plants involved in a poly tunnel required to fill up all our crop shares and you will realise that a day doing this is not going to be anything but boring.

When you eat your tomatoes in your crop share – think of the work involved and appreciate them.

Meanwhile out on the Go Local Fields, there are two more areas to plough and work up. These will be filled with winter cauliflowers, purple sprouting broccoli and kale. This means that the fields will be fully set until areas appear clear and ready to be filled up again. Yes, it’s a never ending cycle this growing thing.

Flying ant day is a myth

flying antsGo Local Food seems to have missed an outbreak of flying ants this year so far.  Quite a subject it would seem – and no there seems not to be just one day when it happens. There has been a deep and three year long flying ant day survey if you want all the information on the matter – flying ant survey and all based on observations undertaken by the public. Citizen science being really interesting here. Were any of you readers involved?

The BBC has written a summary of the findings in an easy to read form with pictures.  Seems it’s all part of the breeding cycle whereby perspective female queens and males fly to mate in order to start new nests.  Not every pair will succeed so you won’t be over run by ants nests and to quote from the BBC “Ants are incredibly important in the ecosystem. As predators they keep on top of other insects and as prey (especially flying ants) they feed many birds and mammals.”

Successional Sowings

seedlingsEarly and late seed sowing at Go Local Food to go in members’ weekly crop shares has caused no problems, grew and thrived or are growing and thriving. However there’s a period in the middle where crops are just sitting there neither thriving or dying. Ian, our grower, is unable to put his finger on what is the cause of this.

New seed bought from our regular supplier, sown by our regular work shares and Ian our grower in the normal compost or properly cared for soil in the poly tunnels. We have heard nothing from our seed supplier that they have had complaints about any of their seeds (sometimes this happens if there are many complaints from customers.

But if the very late sowing of runner beans comes to nothing, we shall not be surprised. Halls of Heddon had some stock left over that hadn’t sold and grower Ian was loathe to see them thrown away. The plants were somewhat tangled but with a little work enough of them were worth a trial against available supports. If we gain extras for the crop shares then we have a bonus and if we don’t well there’s a good chance of nitrogen being added to an area of soil from the roots along with a donation to the compost heap. Whichever way you look at things, we stand to gain.

Crop share for week ending 22nd July 2017

green peppers

Ian says potatoes, cabbage, green sweet peppers, lettuce and cucumber

We have swallows


Go Local Food has the first fledged swallows of the 2017 season today!