Carrots and peas

row of peasWhat – not another rubbish headline in the national press creating panic with the consumers?

At least read the article as it quotes the growers who briefly state the problems that the summer has given them. Nice to have facts to explain the situation. Makes you realise how hard it is to buy local or even produced in the UK sometimes.…/peas-carrots-shortage-uk-heatwave-be…/

And it looks as if the weather is not a lot better over the channel in France, our near neighbours either and is causing just as many of the same problems.


Grower versus wildlife

cabbage white butterflyAll the cabbage white butterflies in Northumberland seem to be in the Go Local Food fields at present. They are being “rescued” from underneath the netting protecting the various brassica crops. No doubt there will be a goodly crowd of caterpillars to follow and be removed. Oh dear.

And blackbirds or bull finches are suspected by Ian the grower of causing damage to the tomatoes as well as the hot weather and Mr Mole. Net curtains on being put on all the doors of the poly tunnels to keep these rascals out. Of course they won’t keep Mr Mole out from the nice well watered soil where there are probably lots of worms to eat. Ian was quite happy to find a juvenile bull finch in one of the poly tunnels but he may well have changed his mind now.

The Great Disappearing Tomato Mystery

tomatoes and chiliesOn Tuesday Ian picked the first of the ripe tomatoes, he was planning that each member would get 1 in their crop share this week. However when his back was turned 9 disappeared…
This could be a whodunit, a fairy story, a maths problem or a lateral thinking exercise – send us your solution to the mystery  – we have a crop share for the winner.
Here’s a little more info to go on… it was hot and sunny –  we have a mole problem in some of our tunnels they like the fact we water our plants and eat the roots – Ian is sure he had picked 24 – the harvested tomatoes were in a crate still in one of the tunnels – they were unattended for 5 hours whilst more pumpkins were planted.
To enter the competition simply email your entry to – by Wednesday 18th July; we’ll notify winner with details of how to collect their share and publish the results.

Dry and hot like everyone else

blue skyDespite the amount of watering done by the crop shares, Ian our grower says that the weight of crops seem to be down by a third. The potatoes are small and light, the calabrese is smaller than expected and the tomatoes are suffering from heat and drought. Just three examples of how crops are being affected.

Despite this, the winter netted tunnel for the purple sprouting broccoli has been erected so that the crop can be planted out. It’s either that or the crop will die in the modules.

Such is the pressure of growing at the moment – not just at Go Local Food but for all farmers seeking to grow vegetable crops at the moment in the UK.